Sparkly Sparkles!!!!! Buttery green and robot gold

Good afternoon, bunnylings!

Today I have a green and gold sparkly mani for your viewing pleasure!

Butter LONDON Two Fingered Salute, Rainbow Polish See 3P Ohhh!, and Julep Brit (matte suede) on the tips.






All these photos were taken indoors, on my to buy/make list is a lightbox!

The Rainbow Polish is really quite more sparkly in person. I had to do a teensiest bit of shaking but once I did I started to get tons of glitters! It’s only one layer as I wanted a lot of green showing through :)

I was going to stop there but I can’t help but do my tips!

You might not be able to tell from these photos but I tried to do a sort of vertical brushstroke on the tips, so it’s not straight across, it’s a little jagged to create more interest.

Also of note is that the Rainbow Polish glitters are NOT curling, repeat NOT. They are larger glitters so I had a little trouble getting them to press down, but mostly I think I just needed another layer of top coat :)


~B out!


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